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Based on interviews including with US managers, we hire last year undergraduate students at a salary of $500/month, who upon graduation continue as juniors at $600-700/month, and grow to middle-level by April 1, 2017 -- their first Performance/Salary Review (held in March each year), upon which they will earn $1000-2500/month, according the level they have reached by that time.


The applicants should have good and excellent marks in study and a fair command of English (including, for the reason that they must go through a Skype interview in English with a US manager).


About us:

·     EST Computer (, founded in 2000, is one of the oldest companies in Eastern Europe. It was distinguished with the International Star for Quality in Geneva in 2012 for its achievements, customer satisfaction and care of its employees.

·     EST Computer is a partner of Edifecs corporation, a major US healthcare software manufacturer (trips to US for about 3 months are possible. About 25 or current Edifecs’ managers have previously worked with EST Computer).

·     We have a flexible work hours program to be agreed with your manager.

·     EST Computer and the Institute of Computer Sci, or the Academy of Sci of Moldova are the organizers of the annual International Conference of “Mathematical Foundations of Informatics” (

·     We are located in Chisinau, Stefan cel Mare 171/1 (“Eximbank” building, vis-a-vis Kentford)



·                 Send your resume attached to a message to with copy to

·                 Indicate full personal and contact data including your Skype name ( you will be interviewed via Skype by a person in US), and the date when you reviewed your resume.

·                 Arrange education and experience data in the inverse chronological order (first indicate the most recent); give as much detail as you can.

·                 Name the file  using the format: CV_FirstNameLastName.pdf.

In your message text indicate the source from where you learnt about us (if you learnt from a jobs site, please, indicate that site). If you are recommended to us by somebody, please, indicate the full name and contact data of the person who recommended you.


Next follows a description of current positions for undergraduates and graduates.


Job description


We are looking for a Software Engineero join our rapidly growing platform development efforts, in software engineering for Machine Learning (Data Science & Analytics).  As an Intern, you will work with the Data Science and SaaS engineering teams at EstComputer and Edifecs as well as the Partner teams to contribute to the operation of our SaaS products and our platform. 


Role & Responsibilities:

·   Develop Data Science/ML tools and methods to install SaaS Apps in the SaaS Lab using Azure ML and new technologies such as R and Python.

·   Lead testing (UAT) of use cases with delightful UX and high-quality, for components below and/or above the hypervisor as per your experience and the need.

·   Support development of Strategy, Design and Architecture for SaaS Ops in a thoughtful, proactive manner to ensure product success

·   Write and execute SaaS specifications, write stellar code, file bugs, and communicate with the team about issues

·   Proactively work with the Test and Data Science/ML teams driving Test based Development, ensuring key scenarios are turning Green in an Agile project execution, identify high-impact issues and drive efforts to resolve them.

·   Contribute to Edifecs’ applied R&D efforts by innovating and developing PoCs based on your/team’s ideas.

·   Interact with users and partners to triage inbound bug reports and fix bugs to ensure high quality products



(not all of these are required for a student be an intern, but having some of these is a ‘plus’)


Previous experience configuring and using any or all of the following highly desirable: